Our courses are the missing element that locks in success for people aiming to build social and cultural capital and realise their full potential in a new country. They are responsive to individual needs, allowing for engaging, fun, and transformational experiences that distinguishes excellence.

Transitioning from one country and one school to another is one of the most stressful and challenging times in the lives of young people. Expectations and competition are high. Having to navigate through a whole new cultural and living environment, living on your own away from the family and striving to build education and network capital for future professional success can be truly hard and confusing.

The widely recognised phenomenon of culture shock is mostly treated as something that happens suddenly and disappears after a while, but the truth is very different. More than 70% of students report being under culture shock stress and almost half suffer from loneliness and homesickness. Depending on the country they are coming from; 30% to 60% find it difficult to make friends or develop close working relationships with local; and in many cases; even international students. These effects do not simply vanish in a month. They usually continue for over a year and in many cases never really get solved but rather replaced with social contact with a familiar group. And these problems do not only affect students’ social well being but hinder their academic performance, employment prospects, and overall health.

Imagine students being confident in who they are, understanding their own and different cultural backgrounds, being excellent communicators and networkers with a powerful vision and clear goals for their own professional success. How much more benefit would they get from studying abroad?

Imagine that instead of spending all that energy on confusion and suffering, students could invest their time to practice and develop intercultural competencies and connections for having an excellent learning experience and successfully getting into the international job market. And you don’t even have to go overseas to find these competencies and connections useful. Every student striving to be a professional working in a multicultural environment of an international company will certainly need and benefit from them.

What this means practically is that by missing a chance to learn how to effectively communicate and collaborate with people from different cultural backgrounds and build social capital, the high investment in international experience isn’t fully used to benefit the student.

52% of students from India and 39% students from China are looking for opportunities to gain work experience outside of their home country. Even those that will return to their home country are likely to end up working in international companies.

All these students strive to increase their EMPLOYABILITY and are investing significant amounts of money on academic education, yet many are not able to take the full advantage of the education and job opportunities available simply because they are not skilled enough at creating those connections or are OVERWHELMED with homesickness and LONELINESS and cultural DIFFERENCES.

By buying our courses, parents buy insurance that their children will achieve optimal results and get the most benefit out of their study abroad investment.

To learn how we support students to sail smoothly through the times of transition and achieve remarkable results for themselves and their family, please take a look at our standard and tailor made courses.

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