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We are an international team of certified trainers and life coaches from Europe and New Zealand who have been living, studying & working abroad experiences in contrasting cultures of the East and the West. We have vast intercultural experience as well as years of running non-formal education programs for young people and adults from all continents.


Milica is an engineer of architecture, an entrepreneur and a certified international trainer and life coach committed to helping her clients step into their power and achieve brilliance. She's worked for a number of intentional and local grass root organisations focusing on developing leadership, building collaboration through intercultural dialog, and active participation.

In over ten years of experience in design and delivery of non-formal education programs, coaching and consulting, Milica's worked with youth, developing communities, start ups, and entrepreneurs in Europe and Asia, helping them develop leadership skills, empowering them to take action in resonance with their passion, run businesses and non-profit projects, and create a positive impact in their communities and many lives.

Milica has lived and worked in Asia for over three years. Her particular interest was in developing sustainable education and social entrepreneurship in India where she's spent over two years studying its culture and traditions in depth, from the tribal in southern Odisha to being involved with progressive, modern circles in high tech Hyderabad and Delhi areas.

She is a world traveler and explorer. She enjoys doing yoga, rock climbing, dancing, hiking with her dog, and hosting dinner parties for her friends. Her dream is to live in a world where people are living passionate, fulfilling lives in harmony with nature.


Sever is a trainer, coach, entrepreneur, researcher and dreamer with over 15 years of experience working with individuals, groups, organisations and institutions. He has been committed to leadership and developmental community work, sociology, communication and public policy. Besides, he has trained for business and life coaching, emotional exploration and facilitation.

He believes that each person and project are special and thus need to be understood and approached with care and depth. He supports people to unleash their potentials and thrive, to be reflective and creative, to be true to themselves and the ideas they stand for, to (re)discover joy, to be happy.

His nomadic approach to life made him open for different paths that life can bring us to. Living, studying and working abroad brought him a broad understanding and deep appreciation of diversity.

Sever enjoy writing, photography, nature, baking... He love to observe, explore and learn and is passionate about personal development, creative learning, critical analysis and social change processes.


Chatelle is a professional counsellor, facilitator, meditation teacher, entrepreneur, adventurer and writer. She is dedicated to helping others challenge their limits and learn to thrive in their highest potential.

For over 10 years Chatelle has worked in the corporate, community development and education sectors in New Zealand, India, Thailand, Nepal and the United Kingdom; contributing to social enterprises, consultancies, charities and schools as a project manager, data analyst, teacher, counsellor and trainer.

Chatelle believes living abroad have revolutionised how she experiences life. Intentionally challenging herself to travel and work in remote locations meant building trust and confidence while facing unfamiliar and difficult situations. This has deepened her appreciation of the diversity and possibilities in the world.

As a therapist, Chatelle supports individuals and groups on their journey to overcome barriers and create change in their lives. She recognises the powerful potential for transformation from within and the necessity of personalising approaches for each unique individual.

Chatelle is keen on implementing social change and innovating new ideas to help the world. She also loves creating art, cooking, travelling and hiking.

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