One-month exploration course that will help students gain a deeper understanding on different aspects of moving to another country and living in a different culture

Deciding to study abroad can be a hard decision to make. Students are often faced with questions around having to travel out of their country for the first time in their life, having to live independently away from their family and being immersed in a completely different culture. There are a lot unknowns and taking a good look at all aspects of that decision is crucial to ensure you have made a solid, well thought through decision, and made a plan you can stick to until you reach your goal. And there is a catch. Many young people are not sure about what their goal is or are afraid to step into the unknown to reach their goals. The main outcomes of this 4-session course is for students to:

1. Understand what their goal is.

Having clarity around their goal helps students put their whole mind and heart into achieving it.

2. Clear out student’s dilemmas around how it is going to be living abroad.

Our experts will discuss the reality of intercultural integration and empower students to go through it with ease.

3. Make an irresistible action plan

Knowing what one’s exact steps towards their future career are is the job half done. We’ll make sure that students have a clear, well laid out action plan with milestones and timeframes defined so that they can easily follow it. It’s a source of inspiration and motivation to achieve the goal and move abroad.

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