We offer ready-to-launch courses that help international students develop the mindset and the well-rounded set of essential competencies they need to effectively communicate and collaborate with people from different cultural backgrounds and achieve their goals during different phases and aspects of studying abroad.

Study Abroad Exploration Course

One-month exploration course that helps students shed the light on different aspects of studying abroad and helps them solve doubts and dilemmas they might have around life transition and culture shock challenges.

Pre-Departure Toolkit

Designed to prepare students to leave their country confident and ready to embark into the unknown. It develops understanding of what students’ own culture is, sensitivity to other cultures and academic differences, as well as health and safety and integration strategies.

Build a Social and Professional Community

Meeting new people and creating strong, lasting friendships and professional connections is a rather slow and difficult process in a new environment. This course is designed to make this possible, by providing key elements of effective cross-cultural communication and networking.

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