Participatory, experiential, student-centred learning

Our courses are formed by hand-picking different modules according to specific needs and usually designed to address specific needs in different phases of the process of studying abroad: orientation, preparation, and settling into the new environment. The programs are either group courses or individual sessions and are run either online in a conference call / webinar environment or delivered live on site.

Key elements to our methodology:

Supportive intercultural learning environment

In our courses, we provide an environment in which students can feel safe to express themselves, address their concerns, and ask questions. Learning from and with foreign professional trainers will create an inter-cultural experience that will smoothly inform and introduce students to studying and collaborating in an intercultural environment.

Advanced LEARNING methodology

The methodology tailored to deliver courses is a combination of solution focused life coaching (methodology by Erickson International institute from Canada), mentoring, counseling, input based training and experiential learning.

Appreciation for individual path and solutions

Every student has a different story. In our courses we allow for their individuality to be expressed and together we look for the most suitable ways for them to make progress. Sessions are designed to provide space for individual, in pairs, and group work. Facilitated interactive and reflective processes inspire self-discovery and discussions, open up new perspectives and finally enable a life-changing experience through the development of intercultural competences.

Self-directed learning

Intensive learning with breakthrough realisations happen during sessions. However, we know that fine reflections, further research, practice of what has been learned and direct implementation of the knowledge and skills acquired during the sessions are necessary for the real integration and implementation of competencies. To foster this process we provide simple yet effective home assignments, worksheets and handout material for students to reflect and study the subjects in a course in addition to the online / live sessions. Additionally, individual assistance is available over email.

Besides, students are provided with a fine selection of movies and videos that will help them grasp the reality of specific cultures and societies they are going to engage with.

Leveraging the power of network support

We recognise the power of professional and peer support through social media. We are committed to following the development of every student by keeping in contact on a private, members only Facebook group in which students can meet, share, learn, and support each other. Our team will facilitate this process. We also encourage our students to meet up and collaborate, especially if they are studying in the same country.

Teaching methodology and key competences

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