We understand what it takes to prepare students to achieve in a multicultural environment and a new country.

At Succeed Abroad Academy we’ve noticed the gap between common practices and the reality of students’ needs. Most study abroad agents focus on prep tests, language certificates, visa procedures and other administrative requirements. However, the reality is that apart from facing enrollment challenges, students are also dealing with a great amount of distress, the complexity of life transition and challenges of cross-cultural integration.

We offer an opportunity to close the gap. Become known for offering cutting edge intercultural integration services in the study abroad industry


Our partnership can change students’ lives

In the globalised market, intercultural competencies and leaderships skills are not just nice-to-have but the essential capital one MUST have in order to succeed and feel confident in an international environment. We have designed breakthrough programs to develop such competencies.


By being dedicated to providing professional training, mentoring and life coaching that your students will love and benefit from, we aspire towards building a long-lasting, thriving partnership.

We offer both standard sets of courses and specific custom made programs based on the unique needs of the students you are working with. By integrating our programs into your offer you will be able to systematically address the big need for intercultural learning and developing life skills to facilitate transition. This will make your services comprehensive and well-rounded as you will be able to address absolutely all questions your clients may have and position yourself as a leader in the industry.

Get ready-to-launch courses. Start enrolling students today.


The key steps to establishing successful partnership:

Let’s meet

First, let’s discuss your specific goals and target audience, and the best way to introduce and deliver new courses to your market (online or on site, basic courses or tailor made, etc).

Finding the right package

We will design a collaboration package, a unique offer respective of your needs and provide all details you will need for promotion of the courses.

Program endorsement

You will endorse the courses into your offer, sell the courses and handle subscriptions.


We conduct high quality courses delivering training, mentoring and life coaching services to your students.

Evaluation and improvement

We are committed to regularly advancing our services and collaboration.

Still not sure if our programs would be the right fit for your business? Let’s have a talk.

If you would like to learn more about our courses, approach and methodology, we would be happy to organise a webinar for you. This would be an opportunity to meet our team, understand our take on intercultural competencies, leadership and networking, how we deliver the courses. Let’s talk business.



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