Learn the Key Elements To Effective Cross Cultural Communication and Networking

Being away from family and friends is one of the biggest challenges of studying abroad. Meeting new people and making good lasting friendships is a rather slow and difficult process if you are dealing with adjusting to a new culture.

Build a Social and Professional Community course is about:
1.    Effective Cross-cultural Communication, Communication Styles:

How culture has a powerful effect on our behavior and communication, and how to recognize prevailing communication styles within Eastern and Western cultures.

2.   Culturally Defined Body Language

Decoding body language differences between Eastern and the Western cultures.

3.    Compelling Self Introduction and Building Lasting Connections

How to tap into your own excellence, introduce yourself, tell your story, meet and get to know people, and cultivate meaningful connections and friendships.

4. Creating and Maintaining a Powerful Network

How to strategize networking and keep your network live, productive and enjoyable.

In this course we make building a community abroad a fun and enjoyable experience! 

BONUS:  Conversation Kickstarter Formula: 6 easy-to-follow steps to make brilliant conversation with anyone.

In this 6-session course we go beyond words. All participants get free resources in addition to the workshop content, to take away and use any time they need.

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